Cat Furniture & Scratchers

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Treat your kitty to the Adjustable Pole cat scratcher from Rosewood. Because this stupe..
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Spoil your cat with this fantastic eco-fibre, environmentally friendly Bamboo Cat Pod &..
R1,350.01 Ex Tax: R1,173.92
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Welcome grooming independence into your home with the Catit Senses Self Groomer for all ca..
R192.72 Ex Tax: R167.58
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The Chartreux Cat Tree from RHR Quality is absolutely PERFECT for LARGE cats who jump..
R2,695.00 Ex Tax: R2,343.48
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Give your kitty the ultimate play and nap spot and give your furniture a fighting chance a..
R2,362.10 Ex Tax: R2,054.00
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Provide your cats with an appropriate place to sink their nails into (and protect your fur..
R1,275.01 Ex Tax: R1,108.70
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The Easy Life Hammock Cat Scratcher is the best of both worlds! It’s a sturdy bed th..
R430.00 Ex Tax: R373.91
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SUITABLE FOR CATS UP TO 10KG Spoil your cat with their own flying carpet and sunbed &nd..
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Johnny Clegg and Juluka said it best “I'm sittin' on the top of Kilimanjaro!..
R6,750.01 Ex Tax: R5,869.57
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Our cats absolutely adore to sink their nails into our most beloved couch, most expensive ..
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The Maine cat scratching post from Pet Rebels is a great choice to treat your kitten, adul..
R377.94 Ex Tax: R328.64
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The Neptune Cat Tree from Cosmic Pets is a great choice to spoil all active to mischievous..
R2,783.89 Ex Tax: R2,420.77
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Treat your charismatic and curious cat to a cat tree and play station extraordinaire - int..
R1,279.26 Ex Tax: R1,112.40
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Cats absolutely adore to sink their nails into our furniture! And don’t we know it. ..
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Please DO treat your cat to the San Diego cat tree from the beyound beautiful Pet Reb..
R850.36 Ex Tax: R739.44
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The Snake Suede Cat Bed is a fabulous cat bed, pod and nook for any fabulous feline to own..
R590.53 Ex Tax: R513.50
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The Snuggle Plush 2 in 1 Cat Bed is a great choice for summer snoozes, autumn naps, winter..
R559.99 Ex Tax: R486.95
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The Tampa cat tree, cat scratcher and cat bed is luxury at its finest. It flaunts an easy ..
R2,049.13 Ex Tax: R1,781.85
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Cats love to sink their nails into objects to mark their domain, stretch their muscles, sh..
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Treat your cat to a soft, velvet piece of furniture that they can call their own AND of co..
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